Frequently asked Questions

When is the indoor range open ?
The indoor range is open every Wednesday and Friday evening after 7:00 pm
How do I arrange a first visit ?
To arrange a visit look at the contact page for telephone numbers and a contact e-mail.
Note, in accordance with Home Office guidance shooting is not permitted on the first visit.
How do I join the club ?
You need to pay us a visit at the indoor range.
Your first visit will cost nothing; you will be given a membership pack and a form that you should return completed along with 4 passport photographs, if you decide to join . This form provides us with some basic personal information and states that you are not prohibited from using firearms.
You are not allowed to shoot on your first visit.
New members are “probationary members”. The probationary period is a minimum of three months and this may be extended where deemed necessary. Successful probation requires regular attendance.
What does membership cost ?
Full membership fees are currently £125 per year, payable in two instalments if you wish.
£75 in January and when you first join, then £50 in June.
If you join with the £75.00 fee outside of the due dates then an adjustment will be made when the second fee is due so that you only pay £125 per annum.
16 to 18 year olds. Membership fees are £60 per year payable in two instalments if you wish.
£30 in January and when you first join, then £30 in June.
Under 16 year olds. Membership is free, you must be accompanied by a full adult member.
The cost of membership gives you access every Wednesday and Friday all year round to the indoor range and 7 days a week access all year round to the outdoor range. The full bore range is open only on official days at pre arranged dates. Currently 18 shoots per year.
Are there any other costs ?
Apart from visitor or membership fees you will only have to buy ammunition. If you do not hold an FAC you MUST NOT REMOVE ammunition from the club.
There are no range fees at the three ranges.
There are no charges for the use of club guns.
What guns can I shoot at the club ?
indoor range :- .22 rimfire rifles (.22LR). Air rifle and air pistol. Club .22 rimfire rifle, air                                     pistol,and 10m air rifle available for use at no cost.
outdoor range:- .22 rimfire rifles (.22LR). Air rifle and air pistol. Pistol caliber                                            carbines and black powder firearms up to .455 cal. and 1700fps.                                            There are no club guns available at this range.
Full Bore Range :-   Full bore rifle calibre rifles. There is a club 7.62 rifle for you to use at                                         this venue.
I have no experience, what can I do ?
No experience needed, after your initial visit you can turn up and shoot. Full assistance will be given by our members. Remember there are club guns for you to use at the indoor range and at the full bore range. Club guns are not available at the outdoor range.
Application for membership is now OPEN to
People sponsored by a full member. 
Enquire at the club